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Address your health conditions from the inside

Good nutrition is the foundation for great health

You want to feel your best and be in control of your health. When we’re healthy our body and mind work together to help us do all the things we want to do. We can work, play and enjoy life.

Despite the best intentions, modern day medicine often addresses the symptoms of health conditions, rather than the root cause. OR uses “weight loss” as a prescription, when really, there is so much more going on inside.

As a holistic nutritionist, I help you to take control of your health by learning how to use food as medicine, and address your health conditions from the inside. So that you can reduce your reliance on medications, and instead, manage your health conditions through sustainable lifestyle changes.

You deserve the right nutrition information to help you feel your best

Fix your health issues by addressing the root cause

Discover how nutrition can help you feel and think better

Learn how to plan and prepare meals which make you feel good and satisfied

I can help you find a positive, sustainable way to help you manage your symptoms and
optimise your health.

I believe that healthy eating shouldn’t be difficult. All it needs is a personalised approach that fits with your lifestyle, activities and health goals.

Trying to find the information yourself can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. Frustrated with contradictory information that assumes one size fits all. Well, one size doesn’t fit everyone when it comes to nutrition.

Working together we’ll tailor a nutrition plan that will help you clear the confusion around what to eat to support your health. We will work through any challenges as they arise so that long term, you feel confident that you can manage your health whilst still being able to fully participate and enjoy life.

Areas I specialise in

Womens Health

Whether its menopausal weight gain, hot flashes, PMS, PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, I can help you rebalance your hormones and reduce symptoms.


 Learn how to balance your blood sugar levels through a carbohydrate appropriate diet. And still enjoy all your favourite food!

Gut Health and Autoimmune Conditions

Get to the root cause of your gut issues. Learn how to manage your intolerances or autoimmune condition using a personalised nutrition approach.

 Cholesterol concerns

Get your cholesterol markers to a place you and your doctor are happy with without relying on medication or going on a strict weight loss plan.

Thyroid Health

Improve your energy levels and achieve weight balance by learning how to balance your thyroid hormones through diet and lifestyle changes.


Take yourself from surviving to thriving. Wake up with energy and get through the day without crashing or relying on caffeine.

How working with me using a non-diet approach will help you achieve success

    • Learn to nourish and get the right balance of nutrients, rather than restricting your intake
    • Learn to eat for self-care rather than self-restriction.
    • Work on your health goals without the pressure of weight loss.
    • Focus on the root cause of your health issues, in a judgement-free environment.
    • Eat to support your health goals, without sacrificing variety, flavour, or social occasions.

Pricing and Packages

Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, KB Nutrition is offering a further 15% off all appointments and packages booked in until the end of May. Simply click on the COVID discount option when you make your booking!

Individual and Couples Consultations

Please note, being an NZ Registered Nutritionist, your fee’s may be covered under  health insurance. If you are with Southern Cross on a Health Essentials Plan or Ulltra Care Plan, part of your fee’s will be covered. Please check your plan and provider .

Initial Consultations

  • Individuals $210.00 (60mins) / Couples $336.00 (90 mins)

Included in your initial consultation fee:

  • 60-90minute consultation in person or online
  • A personalised sports nutrition plan with meal timing suggestions, and supplement recommendation. (6-8 page PDF)
  • FREE Access to KB Nutrition support group

Follow ups

  • Individuals $95.00 (30mins) / Couples $149.00 (45mins)
  • 6 x 30 mins follow up concession: $510 (10% discount)

Inlcuded in your follow-up fee:

  • 30 minute catch up in person or online
  • Follow up email with the key things to focus on moving forward.
  • Review of any new blood tests
  • New supplement prescriptions (if needed)
  • New recipe ideas (If needed)

Nutrition and Lifestyle PLUS Packages

Learning how to manage your health conditions through nutrition and lifestyle changes, and then making this work into your lifestyle, requires more than a quick fix. I recommend these packages for those who want the extra time, support and commitment to not only fix their health conditions, but to learn how to maintain them long term in a way thats easy and enjoyable.

“Its one thing to know what you need to do, and another to make it work with your lifestyle”

6 Week Package: $450

Included in this package

  • 60-90minute consultation in person or online
  • Personally developed nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • 3 x 30min follow up coaching sessions
  • Review of blood tests
  • Supplement recommendations
  • FREE Access of the KB Nutrition Support Group
  • FREE Email/Text/Instagram support between follow ups

12 Week Package: $720

Included in this package

  • 60-90min consultation in person or online
  • A personally developed nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • 6 x 30min follow up coaching sessions
  • Review of blood tests
  • Supplement recommendations
  • FREE Access to KB Nutrition Support Group
  • FREE Email/Text/Or Instagram support between follow ups

Where do I start?  For a number of years, I was experiencing severe fatigue.  Went to the doctor on a number of occasions and was sent for blood tests include thyroid testing.  Each time the tests came back showing that I had slightly lowered functioning of the thyroid, and I kept being told not to worry and redo the tests in 3-6 months.

This went on for a while. I became extremely despondent. Also, for a number of years, I experienced "food allergies" to certain foods. Foods I loved, like Avocado, Pineapple, Broccoli, Melon and a few others.  No-one could tell me why I could not eat these foods.

My daughter recommended I see Kimberley - what did I have to lose?

Well apparently I had lots to lose, but even more to gain.  With Kimberley's guidance, I have actually lost weight (WOW), but even more astounding I can again eat the foods I love again. I have no more issues with Avocado, Pineapple, etc. and other foods I could not eat for years.  My energy levels are up and I no longer want to fall asleep constantly. I am so grateful to have met Kimberley - she has been so understanding and has guided me through changing the way I eat to be a better healthier me. I cannot say thank you enough - Linda Quezet.

Linda Q

Get started today and learn to live happy.

Book a discovery call, or just jump right in and book an appointment.

We’ll set up a time that’s convenient to you either in person or online.

And you can get started with the right information, support and encouragement to live happy.

Appointments available in person at my clinic at Kia Kaha Studio, Takapuna, Auckland or on Skype/Facetime for New Zealand-wide and international clients.

Individual results of nutrition counselling may vary.

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Clear your nutrition confusion Take control of your health and live happy

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