Healthier Metabolisms – My Nutrition Focus for 2018

POSTED BY Kimberley | Jan, 06, 2018 |
Healthier Metabolisms - My Nutrition Focus for 2018

Hi guys, hope you had a wonderful Xmas and new year. I’ve had a wonderful time off in Mangawhai and Waiheke with friends and family and finally back in Auckland ready to tackle 2018.

2017 was another great year of consulting. And of course, the more people you work with, the more you learn. I’m slowly starting to decide what areas I want to specialise in, based on the people I have worked with, and the areas I am most passionate about.

So to kick this year off, I want to give you an insight into where I am heading based on my experiences this year in clinic.

My Two Focus Areas:

1. Lifestyle nutrition – With a whole food approach

 Nothing new here….I’ve really enjoyed working with more couples these last few months and still get such a buzz out of getting people off the diet train after years of frustration.

2.  Weight management – With prevention and recovery of metabolic damage.

Let’s talk a bit more about this…

After basically destroying my own metabolism as a teen through over exercising (Triathlon training) and dietary restriction (low carb, low calorie), I discovered that to achieve a happy place with your body LONG TERM, you need to have a healthy metabolism.

There’s no point in getting to that goal body shape if you have done so at the expense hormonal imbalances that leave you having to eat like a mouse, and train like a mad man just to maintain it.

From the clients I’ve worked with, the major culprit for this is falling into the “eat less, train more, calorie counting” trap which is commonly promoted by hot social media fitness models.

I am also becoming more and more concerned that diet trends like keto, and fasting are reaching the wrong demographic. In particular – females and athletes.

For example, I’ve had a number of female clients in the last few months coming in wondering why nothing is moving on the scales, despite eating <50g of carbs, exercising daily and doing multiple fasts a week (fasts = skipping one or more meals).

Ill post about why this is a problem for females in more detail another time but put it this way, I’ve spent just as much time in clinic this year INCREASING clients carbs as I have decreasing them.

Hypo and hyperthyroidism also seem to be becoming more common. I’ve  worked with multiple thyroid dysfunction clients this year, and a good friend with Graves’ disease + thyroidectomy (thyroid removed ).

Not surprisingly, many of those with hypo (low) thyroid function have a history of doing bodybuilding type diet/training regimes (very low fat, low calorie) and it’s been incredibly rewarding working with these types of clients to meet goals they never thought possible.

You see, hormones have a big impact on your ability to burn body fat. And when the body gets nutrients that support healthy hormone balance, this also results in you being able to eat more, train less whilst maintaining a happy body weight…and THAT is where my passion is starting to lie…

So my vision for this year:

Healthier Metabolisms - My Nutrition Focus for 2018 2

1.  Help more individuals reset their hormones to get back to being able to eat MORE and train less. To those of you who have gone through previous restrictive eating and training regimes. I have been there. You are not broken, it just takes time, support, and the right balance of nutrients.

2. To continue promoting lifestyle nutrition and getting people get off the diet train.Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, 6-week shreds.. after a while it’s easy to start thinking that you are the problem. You are not the problem. It breaks my heart to hear from 50yo + clients that they’ve been battling diets ever since they were a teen and never knew any other way. That’s way too many years to be controlled by food, and it doesn’t have to be that way. So I guess prevention is another big thing for me – To stop that diet rollercoaster trend earlier.

3. Lastly…Reach out more to girls with eating disorders. It’s not something that’s easy to talk about, but I wish I had someone to talk to when I was going through it five years ago. I’ll try to do some more “real talk” posts this year and share some of the strategies that helped me and others to heal.

So there you go. Make sure to keep tuning in to my Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with my posts.

And If you want to talk a bit more about you own goals/background, you can message me via the contact page. I am here to help xx

Talk soon x