How to achieve weight balance and stay motivated over winter

POSTED BY Kimberley | Jun, 04, 2018 |
How to achieve weight balance and stay motivated over winter

For many of us, weight balance becomes harder over winter for various reasons.

It’s easy to be motivated in summer when it’s warm, your wearing less clothes, salads and smoothies are appealing, and vegetables are cheaper and more accessible.

But when its cold, it’s easy to lose motivation.  It’s harder to get motivated to exercise, you start to crave more comfort food, more social occasions are evolved around food, and you may be more run down than normal from fighting bugs floating around.

This is why it’s easy to put on those few unwanted kilos over winter – myself include!!

I want share with you some key tips I gives my clients to help them through these winter months.  It’s not about restricting foods, its more about making sure that what you are eating is both nourishing AND satisfying.

Tip #1. Start eating  WARMING MEALS.

I know the smoothies and salads may have got you your summer bod, but they aren’t your only option. Hearty doesn’t need to mean heavy and weight gaining. Start by swapping raw veges for cooked veges, and turning more dinners into left over meals.

Curries, roast dinners and soup all reheat really well. If you enjoy your meals, and they satisfy you, the cravings in between meals and after dinner will be a lot less frequent. I find if I have a “light dinner” that doesn’t warm me, it’s straight to the pantry looking for chocolate after dinner. SO make the effort to cook more. It really is worth it. (Check out some of my recipes HERE)

How to achieve weight balance and stay motivated over winter 2

Tip#2: Don’t resist cravings, just have a  healthy alternative.

 When I’m cold, I want chocolate. So I keep dark chocolate in pantry plus my Amaze ball slice. Your cravings might be hot chips or bread. So why not make some potato and kumara fries, parsnips or carrot “fries” if your watching your carbs. Resisting cravings only leads to feelings of deprivation, which then leads to stress and a potential binge scenario. So please, LISTEN to your body and satisfy your cravings with a whole food option.

Tip#3 Don’t put your exercise routine on a complete hold.

I know it’s cold. And I know work is probably hectic right now but you still need to make time for you. Even if you commit to 2 gym sessions a week, or a 15min online yoga class a few evenings before bed, it will help keep you motivated, and support your sleep, stress, and metabolism. Make it a priority.

Lastly, support your immune system, because we all know how quickly diet can go out the window when we get sick. One way you can do this is by looking after your gut health ( Over 70% of your immune system lives in your gut). You can do this by eating a whole foods diet, and getting in some good probiotics from fermented foods or a good quality supplement.

I hope this helps.

If you need help with goal setting, meal planning, recipes, or just some accountability this winter, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

Kim xx