How to find your healthiest weight

POSTED BY Kimberley Bell | Sep, 17, 2019 |
Women praying about being a healthy weight

What does your healthiest weight even mean?

Most people want to think of themselves as healthy and do what they can to optimise their health. We’ve been told our whole lives that weight is a marker of health, but it can be difficult to understand what a “healthy weight” even means.

On one hand, we’ve got so much body diversity,  and mixed messages coming out about the accuracy of the BMI scale.

On the other hand, we keep hearing about the obesity risk factors,  and the health industry keeps showing us a “healthy body ideal” which makes 90%  of the population look “unhealthy”.

So what is a healthy body weight?

After working with a large range of bodies and doing my own investigation into the science of weight and health, I’ve come up with some Key Points to help you determine your OWN “healthiest weight”.

I hope this clears up some confusion around what a “healthy weight means”,  removes some weight pressure, and encourages you to take a different approach to your health.

Let’s get started – beginning with… what your healthiest weight is NOT .

  • The weight that puts you into the ideal range on BMI scale (Please ignore BMI)
  • The weight you were in your teens
  • The weight that you were when you were dieting or over-exercising
  • The weight that makes you look closer to the social media body ideal
  • Someone else’s healthiest weight
  • The weight you feel you LOOK the best…

Let’s be real here… 9/10, your healthiest weight will probably not be your favourite weight when it comes to aesthetics. But thats okay. Everyone is in the same boat in this area, and it’s not our fault based on the society we live in.

All females end up comparing themselves to women who have been born in thin privileged bodies. Women who can maintain thin physiques without much effort.

Reality check – ALL. BODIES. ARE. DIFFERENT. If you are not born into a thin privileged body, you run a big health risk in chasing the bodies of these females. I see the damange caused by this every week in the clinic.

SO, what DOES help determine your healthiest weight?

  1. The weight you can sit at with healthy blood markers

Do you have good cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, no nutrient deficiencies, low inflammation etc?

If these are all fine, I don’t care what any doctor says – you are at a healthy weight.

And if these markers are not in a healthy range? Then you need to address your diet and lifestyle…

If weight loss happens as a result of that –  then okay. But remove the weight pressure and see where your body takes you.


2.  The weight at which your body doesn’t fight you to stay there

Do you feel like you need to count calories and restrict your portions in order to maintain your weight?

Do you feel like you only have to LOOK at carbs or a dessert and you put on weight?

Do you feel like you would gain weight if you stopped or reduced exercising?

These are signs that the weight you are trying to maintain isn’t actually where your body wants to sit naturally.

Your body shouldn’t be fighting you to be weight stable.


3.The weight your body takes you to by eating for self-care.

Are you nourishing yourself with balanced meals during the day?

Do you eat in a way that FEELS good – e.g. give’s you energy, is satisfying, a stable appetite, good digestion…

Do you have a good relationship with food, and eat to the point of feeling satisfied, not over-full/sore?

If you tick all these boxes, you are either already AT your healthiest weight, OR your body will eventually take you there.


After reading this, you might find you fit into one of 3 categories:
  1. You’ve realised you are actually fine just the way you are, but there’s still this voice in your head saying you need to lose weight.

2. You know you are under-eating into order to lose or maintain weight, and that it’s not sustainable, but you’re scared you will blow out if you stop, and don’t know the other options.

3. You know that you are not eating for self-care, your diet could be much better, and you’ve got work to do on your relationship with food. You know your weight and health would change if you worked on these basics, but you’re not too sure where to start.

At KB Nutrition, I meet you where you are at, and we work TOGETHER to get you feeling your best both physically and mentality.


  • Learn how to restore your metabolism, and regain body trust so you arn’t relying on a low-calorie diet for the rest of your life.
  • Learn how to find and reach your healthiest weight by making small changes, and preventing big weight fluctuations that leave you feeling out of control.
  • Fix any under-lying health issues through realistic diet and lifestyle changes
  • Get the step by step tools on how to adopt a way of eating that is enjoyable and sustainable long term, to help reach your healthiest weight.

Take the next steps by sending me a message via the contact page x

Kim xx