How to get off the diet train – My story + 6 Steps I Took To Start Healing

POSTED BY Kimberley | Jun, 18, 2018 |
How to get off the diet train - My story + 6 Steps I Took To Start Healing

My Diet Journey (the shortened version..)

I first started dieting when I developed an injury from running. All of a sudden, I went from running 40kms+ a week, not really caring what I was eating, to being told I had to take a completed break from exercise.

Worried about what this drop in exercise would do,  the googling began – “ How to stop weight gain” “best diet for weight loss”. etc.

I ended up finding the Atkins diet. The theory behind the low carb diet made sense to me at the time, so I dropped out all carbs (and lost my menstrual cycle in the process) Diet #1. Atkins

I found nutrition science so fascinating, I decided to study nutrition at university. During my degree i learned about calories, the energy balance equation, and macronutrients. I discovered the app my fitness pal – and that became my bible. Diet #2 Low carb, low fat, App obsessed.

(Find out why I no longer rely on the calorie equation HERE)

Next I was introduced to the body building scene. I was blown away by how amazing these girls looked on stage (not knowing how unrealistic it was).  I decided to compete and try out this low-fat, 6 meals a day diet. – Diet #3 High carb, high protein, low fat, calorie restricted.

By this stage, my hormones, metabolism, and relationship with food were completely out of whack.  I had manipulated my food so much, I didn’t even no what “felt good” any more, or how to listen to my satiety and hunger cues.  And as a result, I was binging and putting on weight.

I knew something had to change… so that exactly what I did….

I looked at all these different diets I had done and what each had taught me.  I looked at what  I’d learned about human physiology from my degree, and started putting two and two together. It was time to start working WITH my physiology, not against it, and heal my relationship with food once and for all…

Six Steps I took to start healing:

  1. I got rid of diet products. No more carbless protein bars, sweeteners or low calorie products. I knew these were making sugar cravings worse.

  2. I went back to making food I enjoyed eating, instead of making food I thought I had to eat to lose weight (I’ve now found a passion for creating delicious, balanced recipes )

  3. I let go of calorie counting. For good. I start listening to my hunger cues again. Not eating for the sake or eating, or trying to eat by the clock. (More on why I don’t rely on the calorie equation HERE)

  4. I added healthy fats back into all my meals, to rebalance my hormones and balance my appetite.  This also meant more flavour and less stress around meal time.

  5. I kept in structure (to keep me calm) but increased variety. Instead of eliminating food groups, I just adopted a “whole food” principle. (No more avoidance of things like carrots due a slightly higher sugar content…).

  6. And I starting to really work on my relationship with food to stop the binging. This meant learning to relax after imperfect meals instead of self sabotaging. It wasn’t easy at first, but ditching the diet mentality was a crucial step.

Eventually, the weight gain stopped, I slowly got back in tune with my appetite, and my weight settled back down to where by body naturally wanted to sit. And I’ve stayed here ever since.

I know I am not the only one who has been on a diet roller coaster. I have worked with so many females in the last few years who have had a similar experience to my-self.

These are common strategies I use  today to help others get away from the diet mentality, and achieve weight balance.

To those of you wanting to move away from a diets and the yo-yo-ing, you CAN DO IT. And I am here to support you each step of the way.

Much love

Kim xx

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