Japanese Style Salmon Dinner

POSTED BY Kimberley | Mar, 11, 2018 |
Japanese Style Salmon Dinner

Inspired by the Jessica Sepel’s one pan salmon dinner, this salmon dish is one of my absolute favourites dinners to make because its super easy and ticks all the boxes.

Why this is good for you:

  • Salmon is high in omega-3 which helps to reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory), reduces inflammatory prostaglandins (cause heavy period and period pain), improves cholesterol,  promotes healthy skin and healthy hormone balance.

  • Carrots and red kumara – high in carotenoids (aids in skin and eye health)

  • Tomatoes – high in lycopene (a phytochemical with powerful anti-oxidant properties).

  • Broccoli – boosts oestrogen clearance and contains calcium for bone strength

Combining all these nutrients together, as you can see you have a wonderful concoction of nutrients that help you feel amazing.  I aim to have this once a week and it makes a delicious lunch pack using left overs.

4 mins to prep, 25mins to cook.

Serves 4: OR two dinners and two lunches

Protein/Healthy Fat

600g salmon


600g kumara

Non-starchy vegetables

1 large head of brocolli

4 tomatoes

2 large carrots

Healthy Fat/Other

Sesame marinade:

2tbs sesame oil

4 Tbs Tamari Sauce

2tsp honey

1tbs fish sauce

1tbs whole grain mustard (optional)

Handful of spring onion

Garnish: sesame seeds, spring onion

Optional modifications:

Extra healthy fat – avocado, feta, (I always add avocado :P).

Lower carb dinner – leave out the kumara


Kim x