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Sport and Fitness has always been a huge passion of mine which lead me to compete in multiple sporting fields. I have spent ten years as a dancer, five years in equestrian, five years as a triathlete, and two years as a bikini bodybuilding competitor.

During my triathlon days, my health suffered from over exercising and under eating. This was stemmed from the high physical demands of the training, and the expectation to be a certain size from the sporting industry and social media.

At the time, “low fat”, “low carb” and calorie counting was the current diet trend. I discovered calorie tracking apps and this is what controlled my eating decisions.   As a result,  I battled through my training sessions, developed hormonal imbalanced, had terrible body image and food became the enemy.

After 5 years of putting my body through ridiculous hours of cardio training, I  decided to try something new and switched from endurance to strength training. I started going to the gym and soon got in bodybuilding which was another fitness craze.

Through preparing for body building competitions,  I learned how to optimise diet to support muscle growth and achieve the desired physique. However, as with the triathlon training, this “bodybuilding” lifestyle wasn’t healthy or sustainable, and I had simply gone from one extreme to the other.

I struggled with not being able to socialise without guilt or anxiety, I was weighing and measuring every gram of food, I STILL had hormonal issues due to lack of fats in my diet, and I lost the ability to listen to my appetite signals due to continuously eating by the clock. Ironically, in my attempts to be “healthy” I was doing just the opposite.

Although these were hard years, I learned some very important lessons:

 > Understanding how to fuel and nourish your body adequately is crucial for healthy hormonal balance

> Diets, whether they be low carb or high carb, are NOT enjoyable or sustainable long-term.

> We are much more complexed than a calorie equation

> Life is too short to miss out on social occasions and the foods you love.

> No body weight or shape is worth sacrificing your physical and mental health for. 


I left the bodybuilding scene and ditched the highly processed supplements that went with it.

I stopped calorie counting and weighing food, and welcomed back healthy fats.

I began exercising for enjoyment instead of punishment. I started enjoying more walking and yoga which previously would have been a “waste of time”

I decided to start eating for self-care, not self-restriction or punishment and let go of the scales.

I went on to finish a nutrition degree at Massey University and moved into private practice with a focus on whole foods and lifestyle nutrition.

Where I am now

Since getting off the diet train, I’ve developed a love for food, and enjoy creating new recipes in the kitchen to show people that ‘healthy” doesn’t have to mean “salads” or “superfoods”. That healthy can mean hearty, delicious meals, using simple ingredients.

I’ve now spent 4 years in private practice, working with clients of all body sizes, who have a wide range of health goals. I’ve worked with clients using LCHF principles, low inflammatory diets, gut health protocols, and higher carbohydrate diets, which has shown me first hand that there is more than one way of eating that allows people to feel good and thrive. (Simply looking around the world at how different cultures thrive is evidence of this also).

The most important thing I have learned over these years, from listening and observing, is that the true expert of a body is the person living in the body. As a nutritionist, I provide knowledge from my training and experience, offer support, exchange ideas, offer solutions, and help with recipes and meal planning. But ultimately, I am here teach YOU how to become your own body expert, and partner with you on your health journey.

These days, what I enjoy most is helping people to get back in tune with their body,  to eat in a way that feels good to them, to fix health issues from the inside out, to enjoy food every day (not just in the weekends), to have a peaceful relationship with food and body, and never need another “diet’ again.


My Full Credentials


  • Bsc Double Major, Human Nutrition and Exercise Sports Science (Massey University)
  • Registered Nutritionist (Nutrition Society New Zealand ) 
  • Trained in Level 1 ISAK Anthropometry (Skinfold assessment)
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition (Post Grad Dip)
  •  ACFED Approved Practitioner (Australian Center for Eating Disorders) 
  • Nutrition Lecturer at the NZ College of Chiropractic