My Top Healthy Beverage Swaps For Summer

POSTED BY Kimberley | Jan, 27, 2018 |
My Top Healthy Beverage Swaps For Summer

Healthy Beverage Swaps For Summer

1. Swap your latte/flat white/cappucino/mocha for a lower milk option: Try one of the following:

  • Long black

  • Almond milk flat white

  • Long Machiatto

  • Home made espresso with only 1/4 cup milk

  • Herbal tea!

  • Tumeric latte (with coconut milk or almond milk – check its not a sugar syrup)

A) To reduce carbohydrate content: Rain check – There’s the same amount of carbohydrates in a medium latte as there is in a slice of bread. Do you really want (and NEED) an extra slice of bread in your day?

B) Too much milk can cause bloating

Ever heard of lactose intolerance? As you may already know, the main sugar present in milk is lactose, which gets broken down by an enzyme called lactase. Unfortunately, most of the lactase naturally present in milk gets destroyed in processing. This increases the reliance of your OWN lactase enzymes  to break down the lactose in the milk you consume. Some people don’t express as much lactase as others which can cause intolerance symptoms such as bloating. I always recommend keeping to fermented dairy (yoghurt, cheese), and limiting the milk consumption.

2. Swap alcohol for soda water or Kombucha

I love putting kombucha or soda and lime in a wine glass as a healthy alternative to alcohol. My favourite brand is Organic Mechanic which you can get from Farro Fresh and some fruit and vegetable shops.

Aside from unneeded calories, remember alcohol loads your liver, which means it can’t do it’s other jobs as efficiently such as metabolising your food, and recycling excess oestrogen (hello fat storage).

Everyone has a different tolerance for alcohol but you will know deep down how alcohol affects you. I for one, know that my liver struggles after more than 3 standard drinks. 2 Days after a night with 3+ glasses of wine, i’ll notice extra, let’s just say “squishiness” appears directly under my bra line and on my hips.

Enjoy alcohol in moderation, but remember you CAN say NO, and just be real about about how it effects you.

3. Swap sports drinks/fizzy drinks for coconut water

This one applies to athletes or those who are maintaining a high level of activity over summer. You are going to sweat more, and will be in need of electrolyte replenishment.

Coconut water is amazing for this, as it contains both sodium and potassium. It also has some carbohydrates, but is not overloaded with sugar (unlike many other sports drinks) and is free of colours, flavours, and other additives. So if you have a sweet beverage craving over summer after a long bike ride, run, swim, paddle etc. Treat yourself to coconut water instead of a Powerade!

Lastly, remember that aside from these swaps, make WATER your MAIN source of fluid this summer. Aim for At least 2L per day, and make sure you drink to thirst!

Have a good one!

Kim xx


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