My top three strategies to reverse leaky gut and reduce your bloating

POSTED BY Kimberley | May, 06, 2018 |
My top three strategies to reverse leaky gut and reduce your bloating

One of the amazing things I discovered when helping people switch to a low inflammatory, whole foods diet, was the feedback that they were no longer feeling bloated. And in the last year I’ve noticed that more and more people are wanting help, purely to sort out digestion issues as opposed to just weight loss.

Getting rid of bloating I believe is so important because if you are feeling like your tummy is protruding, if your feeling gassy, or sore after food, it doesn’t matter what you weigh, you still don’t feel good.

I’ve learn’t a lot about the gut in the last 3 years, and today I want to talk about this new concept of “Leaky Gut”. . I believe healing and sealing your gut lining, is one the most effective protocols you can do to reduce bloating.

What is leaky gut:

Leaky gut, is where your gut lining becomes permeable, allowing for foreign particles to pass through your gut lining into your blood stream that shouldn’t be there, and this sets off an immune response. In many of us, this inflammatory response shows up a bloating.

So what causes leaky gut?

3 Major Factors:

Gluten – Gluten (more specifically the Gliadin protein in gluten, attaches and activates a protein called Zonulin which controls the opening and closing of your tight junctions.

Stress – Cortisol increases the permeability your gut lining. Ever noticed that when you are stressed, you are more likely to get bloated or sore after food?

Imbalance of good and bad gut bacteria – The pathogenic, or “bad” bacteria release toxin that weaken the gut lining, dissolve tight junction, and contribute to a leaky gut. We have both “good” bacteria, and “bad” bacteria living in our gut. Our good bacteria play a number of beneficial roles in the body, and one way they prevent leaky gut is by neutralising toxins released from the “bad” pathogenic bacteria.

Drugs, exposure to chemicals in the environment such as round up, and artificial ingredients in processed foods are also playing a major role in this leaky gut epidemic due to their impact on gut microflora.

Three strategies to fix leaky gut and reduce your bloating

1. Adopt a whole food, gluten free diet.

I know this is hard for those of you who rely heavily on bread as a convenience food. But going gluten free can be very very effective for bloating issues. I help clients adopt a whole food, gluten free diet that still works in with their lifestyle. You also may not have to avoid gluten forever. If you are not coeliac, or allergic to gluten, once your gut is healed and sealed, you may be able to handle small amounts of gluten on occasions without too much trouble.

2. Reduce stress – avoid eating in a rush as much as possible. Allow time to sit down, and focus on your food. Before you eat, take three deep breaths. Then focus on chewing your food properly before swallowing.

3. Increase your good gut bacteria

You can boost your good gut bacteria by increasing dietary fibre, increasing probiotic foods into your diet, and adopting a low inflammatory diet. You can also starve off your bad bacteria, by adopting a low sugar diet because sugar is their main fuel source.

Changing your diet can be difficult, but thats where it can be worth seeing a qualified nutritionist to help you. You don’t have to make all these changes on your own, and it doesn’t need to be restrictive. If you have been struggling with your gut health, don’t hesitate to do something about it. The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel better.

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