Nutritionists Tips for Getting Back On Track After The Summer Holidays

POSTED BY Kimberley | Jan, 08, 2018 |
Nutritionists Tips for Getting Back On Track After The Summer Holidays

I don’t know about you, but i’m feeling like there’s been a few two many wines, and sneaky crackers and cheese in the last two weeks and Im ready for a bit of a reset. Its always hard coming back from holiday. Routine has usually gone out the window, your still kind of in “holiday mode” and often the motivation isn’t quite there. Its hard to know where to start. My clients have a lifestyle plan to refer back to which helps, but for those of you who just need a few tips on getting back into things this week, here are my top 5:

1. Start with a lemon and warm water (400ml) as soon as you get up, BEFORE your coffee. This is great way to get a head start with your water intake for the day ( I am terrible with water..) PLUS sets your stomach up nicely to digest your first meal.

2. Add greens to two meals in the day. You could try my Hidden Greens Smoothie from the breakfast menu, and a side of brocolli or asparagus with lunch or dinner.

3. Get rid of any Christmas treats that are just sitting there to tempt you. You probably don’t even feel like these any more so either give them away, throw them out, or at least put them somewhere your not going to be bothered reaching for it :).

4. Swap your afternoon wine for kombucha or soda water. Your liver and hormones will thank you for it. Not mention you’ll feel “lighter” and have a lot more energy.

5. This is important: Don’t go on a sugar free/fat-free diet or juice clense. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes my inner demons and past restrictive self is like: “Oi, You’ve been indulging, your weights up, – maybe you should just skip meals and drink vege juice for 3 days?” in light of a quick fix.. BUT luckily I know better than that, and can tell that past voice to shush.

Stay calm. Your not going to feel magical after one day of eating better, BUT give it a week cutting down on the CRAP (caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, processed foods), eating lots more whole foods, you WILL feel better . PLUS, by not doing something silly (aka. juice fast) you will be less likely to out do all the good you’ve done come the weekend.

In other words guys, ease into this. Make a few small key changes this week, and congratulate yourself at the end. You got this! x

Kim xx

(Full lifestyle nutrition plans available online and in clinic – contact HERE)