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Honey and Soy Chicken Stir FryBy Kimberley BellHere's an easy delicious stir fry recipe you can whip up quickly, and only uses some basic household ingredients. No need packets needed! You can make your own easy stir fry sauce by using staple kitchen ingredients. (I always keep tamari sauce, liquid honey, and crushed garlic and ginger in my kitchen, as you can use them for all sorts of recipes). This stir fry is gluten and dairy-free and can be made low carb simply by leaving out the rice noodles and adding extra vegetables. Perfect for feeding the whole family, or for singles and couples wanting a tasty leftover lunch box for the next day. And of course, this is nutritionally balanced so that you finish dinner feeling full and satisfied 🙂 Makes 4 Servings. Enjoy!
Quinoa, Feta and Mint Salad with Easy Honey Mustard DressingBy Kimberley BellThis is a good recipe for making on a Sunday as you can make enough for 3-4 lunches, and just store it in the fridge. You can keep it vegetarian, or add any protein of your choice. For extra healthy fats - feel free to add in more nuts/seeds, avocado, or a drizzle of flaxseed oil for omega-3's :). Hope you love it! Kim xx
Chicken LaksaBy Kimberley BellInspired by Annabel Langbein, this Chicken Laksa is a delicious, nutritionally balanced dinner which bursts with flavour and leaves you feeling warm and satisfied. I love having this all year round, as it can be both refreshing from all the fresh asian flavours on a summers day, or warming on a winter night where you want to snuggle up with a soup. It contains good healthy fats from the coconut cream, which helps reduce hunger after the meal. Suitable for those who are dairy and/or gluten-free, and can be made vegetarian by swapping the chicken for boiled eggs OR prawns. Hope you love it 🙂 Enjoy! x
Sweet and Sour ChickenBy Kimberley BellThis Sweet and Sour chicken recipe is perfect for satisfying those Chinese Sweet and Sour Takeaway Dish cravings! It's higher in healthy fats, lower in sugar, and packed with more vegetables than traditional recipes, as well as being gluten-free for those who are intolerant. So you should feel pretty good afterwards :). Enjoy! x Kim
Chicken Satay BowlBy Kimberley BellThis is an easy peanut satay chicken recipe that doesn't require much effort or ingredients. The peanut satay sauce is so tasty and filling, and add's a nice hit of flavour and healthy fats to jazz up what would otherwise be quite a boring meal! The sauce is made from some of my pantry staples - which include peanut butter, sesame oil, tamari, and honey. Hope you like it :). Kim xx
Homemade Lamb Koftas with TabouliBy Kimberley BellThis lamb kofta recipe is a delicious, and easy homemade middle eastern dish. It literally tastes like the takeaway open kebabs! As a nutritionist, I find working my way through the cuisines of different countries helps with my inspiration and variety. As humans, we love variety, and I encourage you to keep mixing it up. (Get off the "diet" food!). I hope you enjoy this - it has lots of good flavours, is satisfying and makes great leftovers. Enjoy!
Peanut Satay Stir FryBy Kimberley BellThis Peanut Satay Stir fry is a staple for me and my partner, especially on those late working nights! I love stir fries. Everything just goes into a big wok, and you can use up any vege's that are almost past their expiry date. Here's a really easy and tasty stir-fry that is nutritionally balanced, and helps you get your 5+ of vege a day. You can make it high or low carbohydrate based on your needs (just reduce or leave out the rice noodles). Enjoy! x
Open Burgers with Healthy Fries!By Kimberley BellIn Auckland there are plenty of burger joints around which can be hard to resist (we all love a good burger). So as a nutritionist, I've made it a priority to create a healthy alternative so we can enjoy them more often at home. This open burger and healthy fries recipe is suitable for those on a weight loss journey, those with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance, and it's family friendly. Everyone can construct their own, so you don't have to worry about fussy eaters, and It can be made high, moderate or low carb based on your needs (just depends on how many fries you serve up). And look, before turning your nose up at this because you can't see bread, just give it a go. Remember that it's what's IN the burger, not the bread that gives it the flavour. Enjoy :).
Chinese Fried RiceBy Kimberley BellMy inspiration for this dinner, believe it or not came from the good old chinese takeaway "prawn fried rice". Although unlike the take-away version, this one has no MSG and is a lot more balanced and nutrient dense. This dish can be suitable for individuals with both high carbohydrate needs AND those who prefer a lower to moderate carbohydrate lifestyle. It's also a really good "bulk cook up meal" that the whole family can enjoy. For those who feel better without dairy or gluten, this is both gluten and dairy free and you can also have this as a vegetarian meal (see modifications) I hope you like it 🙂
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