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Take control of your health and reach your true potential

You want nutrition that supports you to achieve your fitness goals.

Many athletes spend hours trying to find the best sports nutrition plan. But soon they realised there’s a huge amount of contradictory information telling them what they ‘should’ be doing.

Rather than having a clear plan they end up frustrated and confused about how to choose the right food that helps them achieve their fitness goals.

When we have a clear nutrition plan it leaves us time to focus on our training knowing we’re doing the right things to succeed.

It shouldn’t be this hard to find the right fuel for your body that helps you achieve your fitness goals.

You deserve to know how to fuel your body in the right way.

Prevent damage caused by over-exercising and under-eating

Stabilise your appetite and find out how to avoid being hungry all the time

Learn how to plan and prepare meals which make you feel good and satisfied

I can help you find a positive, sustainable way to perform and feel your best

Whatever sport you enjoy, having the right nutrition will help you get the performance you’re working hard to achieve. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to sports nutrition.

I can help you make sense of the nutrition information you’ve found on the internet or heard from other people, and create a practical plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals. I’ve been there.

Combining my personal experience of competitive sports and my nutrition qualifications means I can talk you through the most up-to-date sports nutrition recommendations and help you create a practical nutrition plan that works for you.

Stop underperforming and losing strength and function. Instead be a confident competitor, knowing you’re perfectly placed to achieve your goals.

Learn how to fuel your body in the right way.

Areas I specialise in

Female Specific Sports Nutrition

Learn how to match your nutrition with your female physiology, so you can compete at your best.

Strength and muscle building

Get the result you deserve from your training sessions by optimising your meal timing and macronutrient balance.


Learn how to use fat as a fuel source so you can train more efficiently, and reduce fatigue.

Pricing and Packages

Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, KB Nutrition is offering a further 15% off all appointments and packages booked in until the end of May. Simply click on the COVID discount option when you make your booking!

Individual and Couples Consultations

Please note, being an NZ Registered Nutritionist, your fee’s may be covered under  health insurance. If you are with Southern Cross on a Health Essentials Plan or Ulltra Care Plan, part of your fee’s will be covered. Please check your plan and provider .

Initial Consultations

  • Individuals $210.00 (60mins) / Couples $336.00 (90 mins)

Included in your initial consultation fee:

  • 60-90minute consultation in person or online
  • Personalised sports nutrition plan (Incudes meal timing suggestions, fluid and electrolyte recommendations, how to fuel around training sessions)
  • FREE Access to KB Nutrition support group


  • Individuals $95.00 (30mins) / Couples $149.00 (45mins)
  • 6 x 30 min follow up concession: $510 (10% discount)

Inlcuded in your follow-up fee:

  • 30 minute catch up in person or online
  • Follow up email with the key things to focus on moving forward.
  • Review of any recent blood tests
  • New supplement prescriptions (if needed)
  • New recipe ideas (If needed)

Nutrition and Lifestyle PLUS Packages

Getting your nutrition right for your training and finding what works for YOUR body, takes time and support. I recommend these packages for those want the extra time, support and commitment to achieve their fitness goals and go on a journey to become their own body expert.

6 Week Package: $450

Included in this package

  • 60-90minute consultation in person or online
  • Personalised sports nutrition plan (Incudes meal timing suggestions, fluid and electrolyte recommendations, how to fuel around training sessions)
  • 3 x 30min follow up coaching sessions
  • Blood test analysis
  • Supplement recommendations
  • FREE Access of the KB Nutrition Support Group
  • FREE Email/Text/Instagram support between follow ups

12 Week Package: $720

Included in this package

      • 60-90min consultation in person or online
      • Personalised sports nutrition plan (Incudes meal timing suggestions, fluid and electrolyte recommendations, how to fuel around training sessions)
      • 6 x 30min follow up coaching sessions
      • Review of blood tests
      • Supplement recommendations
      • FREE Access to KB Nutrition Support Group

"I am a 24 year old female elite triathlete. Everything around what I was eating was a massive stress for me that took over everything in my life. My food plans and what I should eat and shouldn’t have eaten where constantly in my head through the entire day

Since working with Kim I have been able to change my thinking completely and allow myself permission to consistently eat lots of good food when I need it for training. I no longer have guilt after my meals and am able to accept that not all days will be perfect even when I am eating well. I constantly was having energy crashes nearly every day. These days my energy is consistent through the day as I am eating to fuel my sessions correctly. It is such a relief for me to have such a confident and relaxed attitude to food now after years of struggling with this while I have been racing"

Natasha B.

Get started today and learn to live happy.

Book a discovery call, or just jump right in and book an appointment.

We’ll set up a time that’s convenient to you either in person or online.

And you can get started with the right information, support and encouragement to live happy.

Appointments available in person at my clinic at Kia Kaha Studio, Takapuna, Auckland or on Skype/Facetime for New Zealand-wide and international clients.

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