Weight concerns and Disordered Eating

A happy relationship with food and your body starts here

You want to live happily and feel confident about how you look.

For many people their happiness is tied up with how they feel in their body, and their relationshp with food. They’ve tried diets in the past or worked with health professionals to lose weight. But nothing’s changed or worse, the weight they lost has come back again.

Or over-time, their food and health has simply dropped off the priority list, and it’s hard to know where to start to make changes.

Eating for self-care and not self-restriction is where health through nutrition begins. Putting yourself and your wellness at the top of your priority list. Giving yourself permission to take care of yourself.

Having the right information and support can be the missing link allowing us to make successful, sustainable lifestyle changes that help us get to our healthiest weight, and develop a happy relationship with food.

It shouldn’t be this hard to take control of your health and feel good in your body

Get clarity on what nutrition your body needs to reduce cravings, and build a strong metabolism.

Over-come yoyo-dieting, binging, restricting, emotional eating, guilt around food, and negative body image

Eat food you enjoy, and learn how to plan and prepare meals that fit into your busy lifestyle

I can help you find a positive, sustainable way to help you with your weight concerns.

How to get off the diet train - My story + 6 Steps I Took To Start Healing

I believe that calorie counting, daily weighing and restrictive meal plans will only set you up to fail. Taking a non-diet approach is the best way for you to achieve lasting success

A non diet approach means we look at more than just what your eating. We also delve into the psychology behind your eating patterns and have a deeper look into WHY you make the food choices you do, and how to overcome things like binging, emotional eating, restricting, guilt/ anxiety after meals, and negative body image.

I help you learn how to make food choices that are long-lasting, adaptable and practical. That helps you feel better and think better about yourself and food

A positive relationship with your body and food starts here

How working with me using a non-diet approach will help you achieve success

    • Learn to eat for self-care rather than self-restriction
    • Focus on nourishment rather than restricting your intake
    • Address the psychology behind your eating patterns
    • Develop tools to overcome emotional eating, binging, or restricting
    • Learn how to enjoy food and make meals you want to eat
    • Find balance and flexibility with your eating
    • Enjoy social occasions or a take-away meal without guilt.

Pricing and Packages

Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown, KB Nutrition is offering a further 15% off all appointments and packages booked in until the end of May. Simply click on the COVID discount option when you make your booking!

Individual and Couples Consultations

Please note, being an NZ Registered Nutritionist, your fee’s may be covered under  health insurance. If you are with Southern Cross on a Health Essentials Plan or Ulltra Care Plan, part of your fee’s will be covered. Please check your plan and provider .

Initial Consultations

  • Individuals $210.00 (60mins) / Couples $336.00 (90 mins)

Included in your initial consultation fee:

  • 60-90minute strategy session in person or online
  • A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan (6-8 page PDF)
  • FREE Access to KB Nutrition support group

Follow ups

  • Individuals $95.00 (30mins) / Couples $149.00 (45mins)
  • 6x 30min follow up concession: $510 (10% off)

Inlcuded in your follow-up fee:

  • 30 minute catch up in person or online
  • Follow up email with the key things to focus on moving forward.
  • Review of any new blood tests
  • New supplement prescriptions (if needed)
  • New recipe ideas (If needed)

Nutrition and Lifestyle PLUS Packages

Finding your healthiest weight, and healing your relationship with food takes time and commitment from both you, and myself as your guide. By signing up for a package, I see a deep commitment from my clients to achieve their goals, and it is my responsibility to support you every step of the way, from start to finish. I recommend these packages for anyone who wants to look deeper into WHY they make the food choices they do, and really delve into restoring a healthy relationship with food and their body.

6 Week Package: $450

Included in this package

  • 60-90min strategy session in person or online
  • Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle plan
  • 3 x 30min follow up coaching sessions
  • Mindful Eating Coaching
  • FREE Access of the KB Nutrition Support Group
  • FREE Email/Text/Instagram support between follow ups

12 Week Package: $720

Included in this package

  • 60-90min strategy session in person or online
  • A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • 6 x 30min follow up coaching sessions
  • Mindful Eating Coaching
  • *Body Image healing (optional)
  • FREE Access to KB Nutrition Support Group
  • FREE Email/Text/Or Instagram support between follow ups

“I met Kimberley at the end of 2018; one of the lowest points of my life. I’d burnt out from the career I loved and therefore couldn’t exercise (another thing I loved) and was struggling with loving myself. Gaining weight is never fun. I’d been inadvertently sucked into the ‘diet culture’ I never wanted to be apart of and without knowing it, had disordered eating.

Over a few weeks, Kimberley helped me repair my relationship with food and stopping unhealthy habits (like ‘pushing through hunger’).

Never once did I feel judged or like I couldn’t share what I was thinking. She commended me for wanting to change at all and for each effort I put toward my new goals. She helped me see that having well-balanced nutrition can be simple to maintain and isn’t unattainable (like many ‘__ week challenges’ out there). I felt that she understood where I was coming from, without her saying to me every 2nd sentence “I know what you mean.” She showed me.

Thoughts still come when I see pictures of how small I used to be compared to how I am now. She was real about that too. My focus turned to combatting those thoughts and looking at things more objectively (like some camera angles are just bad!). I’m grateful that I can listen to my body better, give it what it needs and enjoy experiences with people I love – without dreading seeing the picture at the end”.


Jessica E.

Get started today and learn to live happy.

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And you can get started with the right information, support and encouragement to live happy.

Individual results of nutrition counselling may vary.

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