Weight plateau on a low carb diet? 3 Mistakes you could be making…

POSTED BY Kimberley | Jan, 15, 2018 |
Weight plateau on a low carb diet 3 Mistakes you could be making

Something I come across  often in clinic is people who are frustrated that they’ve adopted a low carb, high fat lifestyle, lost the first 3-4 kgs, but then it stops in it’s tracks. There are a number of reasons for why this happens, and i’d like to share with you the three most common mistakes people make that lead to this:

1. Not enough carbs –  You went too low, too fast.

If you have eliminated ALL carbs, this could be the problem.  Your body has seen this as a “stressor” and put a halt on fat loss. Girls, we have to be extra careful because of our reproductive system.  Some females can go into ketosis and not have any problem, others develop amehorrea (especially those who are doing a lot of exercise).

You can also develop hypothyroidism if you go too low which slows down your metabolism, because carbohydrates are required for the conversion of your thyroid hormones into their active form.

I am still pro a lower carbohydrate, higher fat approach, but I hardly every pre-scribe keto to any of my females anymore unless there is a medical reason to do so (cancer patient, migraines etc.).  If you are scared of putting carbs back in, don’t be, its just about getting the right portion sizes – I can help you with this.

2. Too much fat, not enough vegetables

Having nuts and cheese for lunch is NOT an okay substitute for a balanced meal of vegetables and protein. Your body burns calories breaking down protein and vegetables, not to mention the fibre from the vegetables aids in fat loss and energy production. I know fats are delicious and its tempting to just snack on cheese, nuts and salami all day BUT this is not balance.

My advice: HAVE 3 REAL MEALS A DAY! Don’t miss an opportunity to get in a good helping of vegetables and amino acids from a quality protein source.

It will feel like you are eating MORE when you go back to a proper lunch or dinner, compared to snacking, but trust me, it works.

3. Too much processed meats

I know salami and chorizo are yum and are often promoted as being “healthy” on an LCHF diet,  BUT I hate to break it to you – yes, it is too good to be true. These sources of protein are not ideal for fat loss and should only be had as a treat. They are still highly processed, which means your liver has to work harder, and you don’ burn as much energy breaking them down, PLUS they are generally quite high in fat so you have to count them as a protein AND a fat serving.

My advice: Go for REAL protein sources. Your protein should not have more than one ingredient.

Thats it 🙂

Any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to make contact. I am here to help you.

Kim xx


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